5199 Overhaul News & Shareholder Appeal

Thank you for visiting the 5199 website,

I know it has been a while since we had any web updates, but I now have more time available so this should be the first of our regular updates.

As you may know, 5199 is now in the middle of her 10 year overhaul at the Llangollen Railway workshops. Since she was first returned to steam at Llangollen, back in early 2003, she has spent nearly 5 years based there, with long hire periods away at the Churnet Valley and Bluebell Railways.

I want to bring you up to date with the work so far and what is left to do. Once stripped down, 5199’s boiler was taken into the boiler-shop, where the inspector assessed it. His finding was that some 2 ft would have to be cut off the outer wrapper and be replaced with new metal, because of grooving. This is now a common procedure when doing a 10 year overhaul. All the stays had then to be replaced. Next job will be to fit new tubes. They will be on site early October.

The foundation ring, cut away
The lower part of the firebox, cut away.

It was decided at this overhaul to do a wheel swap with our sister engine 6880 Betton Grange. This will allow 6880 to go mainline and is not detrimental to the overhaul of 5199. Once all the bottom end work is complete, the boiler can go back in the frames and the task of putting everything back together again, can start. If all goes well, 5199 should be back in traffic for the start of the 2014 running season.

Stripped down
A view of 5199 stripped down, wheels out.

The management team has always sought to make sure that when the 10 year overhaul was due, there would be enough money in the kitty to pay for the overhaul work to be done. We budgeted to make enough money every year, but we haven’t managed to achieve this, due to factors beyond our control. First we needed new tyres, which kept her out of traffic for 6 months. Secondly new foundation ring rivets had to be fitted, again out of traffic for 6 months and finally she was pulled out of traffic early, due to rivet head wear on the frames. All in all she was in traffic for only 8 years out of the 10 available to us.

Further view of 5199 in overhaul
A further view of 5199 stripped down.

We need to raise extra funds to finish this overhaul and you are invited to become a 5199 shareholder. For just £150 a share you can join our team of shareholders and supporters. We don’t offer a fancy package to get you to join us, it’s just the knowledge you’ll be contributing to a hard working locomotive, that has already brought pleasure to thousands of people. You can join the team that look after 5199 and that are building 6880, attend the AGM’s and enjoy a shareholders ‘day out with 5199’, which is something we do from time to time.

If all of you reading this can help, by buying a share, the overhaul can be finished quickly and to a ‘Rolls Royce’ standard, which will allow 5199 a full ten years in traffic and the ability to earn enough over the next 10 years, to fund her next overhaul.

Thank you for reading this appeal for 5199 and we hope you’ll join us.

Please use this link to the appeal form (40kb PDF), all the instructions you need are contained within the form.
Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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