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5199 at the WSR Gala


A great weekend at the recent gala, it was lovely to speak too many of our members and make new friends. We had a sales stand during the gala and would like to thank everyone who made a purchase


5199 Winter Maintenance at WSR

5199 having passed her annual boiler insurance exam with flying colours, she received a warming fire and in -house steam test last week to check all winter work is ok. Pleased to advise all is well with her Picture and words courtesy of Rich Hiscox
Pictured letting off steam at 200psi after attention to the clack valves and safety valves recently. Note the Newley painted smoke box and door which was done in our spare time to freshener her up again. Pic and words courtesy of Rich Hiscox
Part of the annual exam is to remove all cab gauges for a good clean up and calibration to ensure accuracy. Pictured here letting off steam on the red line at 200psi. word and pic courtesy of Rich Hiscox
Gone is the not so good cast concrete brick arch and in with the more genuine GWR brick arch pictured shortly after fitting. Words and pic courtesy of Rich Hiscox
The front section of the rocking grate was pretty life expired so whilst out for winter the decision was made to renew both side bar carriers and all three rocking grate finger bar carriers. words and pic courtesy of Rich Hiscox
Both whistle valves now back on after being overhauled as the brake whistle was passing by steam constantly whilst in traffic previously. words and pic courtesy of Rich Hiscox