5199 at the West Somerset Railway
5199 at the West Somerset Railway

This website is to provide information on the former GWR Large Prairie 5199, restored from scrap condition by the 5199 Project.

After being saved from the famous Barry Scrapyard in 1985, she was slowly restored until she finally steamed under her own power for the first time in preservation in February 2003 at the Llangollen Railway. Since then she has proved a popular machine, both at Llangollen and at the various railways she has visited throughout the UK since her return to steam.

Upon the completion of 5199, a number of the groups members wanted a new challenge. After running through several ideas, these members came up with a plan to build a brand new GWR Grange as none of the original 80 Granges had survived into preservation. This small group of people went on to form a new group, called the 6880 Betton Grange Society Limited, and they have steadily built up a sizeable membership with over 100 members, however the original 5199 Project still very active, and the Group members are kept up-to-date with the latest going ons of 5199 via newsletters and an annual meeting.

5199 is currently running at the West Somerset Railway and will be for the 2022 season.

Please feel free to look through this website where you can learn a brief history of the Large Prairies, 5199 and see photographs and videos of 5199.

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