5199 has 2 years to go before her next 10 year overhaul, and as with everyone, 5199 has been affected by the awful pandemic with nearly 2 years of being unable to steam and earn money towards her overhaul.

Why not become a share holder and own part of 5199?

We have various options:

You can purchase shares, you can pay a set amount a month and once you have paid £180 it will be converted in to a share and you will receive a share certificate. You can also buy a share out right.

The Keep on Steaming scheme has been in place for 30 years and has helped with funding, so go on give it a go be a part of a great locomotive.

Share Form

Please click the image above to download or print the form, then follow the included instructions to complete and return it to us.

One off donation:

If you want to make a one time donation to the 5199 project you can use our Go Fund me page here: https://gofund.me/62e72ada