Test Run

Just a few photos of 5199 collected over the last week. All photos by Robin Matthews.

First, fully painted and ready for the test train.

5199 in her new coat of paint

On the pit and with a warming fire lit! All ready for the big day now.

Ready for the test train
Fire lit

All ready for the off.

With the test train

Ready for the off

Ready for the off

At Carrog, ready for the return run.

At Carrog and ready to return

So far so good.

Thanks to everyone who has helped, in any small way, in returning 5199 to steam.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


Steaming Again!

5199 under steam again. G Jones.

5199 was back in action today with its first steaming following completion of its overhaul.
On Shed. G Jones.

Line closures restricted its movement to the back road between the shed and Pentrefelin with a move off shed at 12.30. 

George Jones, from the LlanRail mailing list.


November Update

The last working weekend was an 'extra' in our calendar. Several guys did work on the Grange but 5199's hero was Mick Prior who got stuck into a load of painting over a full three days. As we approach the imminent return to traffic, the full timers are doing all the last bits of engineering, but our team can still get on with the cosmetic touches. 5199 needs to be back in traffic for the Santa season.
Smokebox ring fitted
The Smokebox ring fitted to 5199. M Prior

The guys from Llangollen engineering have been busy putting the new smokebox door ring in place, then fitting the smokebox door to the ring.
Blower ring fitted
Chimney assembled with the blower ring. M Prior

Next it was the turn of the new chimney to have the blower ring and petticoat fitted, then a trial fitting and marking out for drilling, prior to final fitting. All the pipework had then to be fitted and it's virtually complete. Pipes for lubrication, pipes for breaking, pipes for steam heat. Mike Pearce has been busy fitting the valves back into place.

Work on some of the painting areas
One of the many areas receiving attention from Mick’s paint brush. M Prior.

Mick Prior, now has the fantastic title of 'Iron Horse Builder Renovation Officer North West Area Volunteer Inc Ltd' - it doesn’t get any better than that! Mick pulled out all the stops and primed, under coated and glossed most of the front end over the weekend and managed to put a coat of off white / cream onto the cab roof. He even found time to take the photo's you can see.

The cab roof in white
The cab roof in off-white. M Prior.

We're still pushing hard for ongoing funding for 5199, so if you want to buy a share, contribute to the '
Keep On Steaming' appeal, or give a donation, just contact me and I'll get right back to you.
The painted front end
Not much more to do. M Prior.

The next working weekend is 21st/22nd November.
Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


AGM and Working Weekend 11th - 12th October

Saturday saw a small team doing work on the new cab floor and fitting the brake gear, so that we can now apply a hand brake. The trimmings in the oil pots have been renewed. The new smokebox door ring was collected from Tyseley on Friday and delivered to Llangollen. The Tyseley boys have done a superb job.

Smokebox rebuild
Work can now continue on the smokebox door.

Sunday morning was AGM time and a really good turnout of 25 people is one of the best ever. Once the AGM was finished it was all hands to the pump and we carried on from where we'd all stopped on Saturday. By close of play the cab floor was 95% complete and the loco safely put back into the shed following several hours in the sunshine for photo's and fitting of brakes.

Richie working on the cab floor
At work on the cab floor.

Monday morning the full timers started work on the smokebox door and ring. Micky P spent the day painting the inside of the cab black, covering up the green which 5199 has worn for the last 12 years.

Cab internal in black
Going black after 12 years.

Dave Owen is now confident that 5199 should be finished and ready to work the Santas this year.

5199 Outside at Llangollen
5199 outside at Llangollen.

As always a big thank you to Lynn for feeding us all.

The team this weekend was - Richy P, Colin, Micky P, Richard S, John, Q, Chris, Lynn, Richard C, Tom, Paul, Graham H for shunting. If I've forgotten anyone ........ apologies!

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


Working Weekend 26-27th July

The weekend of the 26th 27th July saw just Colin and myself getting on with 5199. We focused on making a start on the wooden frame for the cab floor. It wasn't an official working weekend hence no one else in attendance. The job was more difficult than first imagined. If the wood is to lie flat then there are dozens of bolt and rivet heads that have to be cleared. The router saw plenty of use over the weekend!
The full time lads have been busy and since the last working weekend have put all the lagging and cladding back on the loco. The smokebox door ring still hasn't appeared and is now holding up the finishing off. On my way up to Llangollen I stopped at the Severn Valley Railway, to see how they were getting on with machining the chimney. It was mounted on the vertical borer and needed only a mornings work to finish it off. It is now ready for collection.
5199 Almost there! - Dave Owen
Almost there! - D Owen
The side tanks and cab have now been put back on and the photo shows our loco 'almost there!'

The 'Keep on Steaming' appeal has now been launched via Steam at Llangollen and the first forms are now dropping through my letter box. If you want to contribute £5 a month (or more if you wish) to ensuring 5199 goes on for years to come, then please get in touch via the button and I'll sent you the forms. We need to make sure there will be something like £300,000 in the bank in ten years time, to do the next overhaul - and that's just a conservative estimate, it could be more!

Next working weekend is August 30th & 31st.
Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


Working Weekend 28 - 29th June

5199 Blowers Green, W A Camwell
5199 at Blowers Green. W A Camwell.

For once it wasn't pouring with rain at Llangollen and the good weather brought us a good turnout of working members who got on with tasks on 5199 and 6880. 5199 is now coming back together nicely. The boiler is now back in the frames, but still minus it's smokebox door ring. I called in at Tyseley on Friday to chase the item and Bob Meanley was hopeful of receiving the ring later that day. Boxes of ceramic boiler lagging are now in the shed and await fitting. The cladding sheets have been attacked with drill mounted wire brushes and the rust just flies off! Over the next few weeks some of the well rusted cladding sheets will need to have the rusted areas cut out and replaced with new sheet. The brake rodding has now been rebushed and painted and is ready to fit on the loco. 

The bottom of the new chimney will need to be machined as the diameter is just too large to allow the blower ring to fit on - we're talking about 1/8th of an inch only!

Finally the Project got the good news we were hoping for and I'll cut a long story short here. The preservation movement has been hit by a problem with copper boiler stays and the fact that they are not as certified on the paperwork. It's all to do with the arsenic content. It looked as if we might have to remove 78 stays that had just been fitted! In the end the Insurance company have given us the OK. If they had insisted on changing the stays, it could have put us back three months.

Llann WW 28-29-6-14 026
The metal spaghetti waiting to be refitted.

Next target date for getting back into steam is mid August ..... fingers crossed.

The happy band of volunteers this weekend were - Mick, Q, Liz, Chris, Lynn, Max, Paul N, John S, Bill H, Dave G, Martin B, Tom and myself.
Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


The boiler is back in the frames

Good news. I've just had some photos from Dave Owen and Robin Matthews showing the boiler going into the frames today, 11th June.

Lowering the boiler
Back in the frames
Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


Working weekend 17-18th May

This working weekend was well attended, with a team of 14 and was very warm. The main objective for this weekend was to get all the spring hanger bolts along with their cups and washers and rubber pads all cleaned up and painted into primer. It has to be said they were 'mucky' but the team got stuck into the task and by late Sunday afternoon they were all done and hanging off wires on the footplating on 5199.

Fittings in primer
Spring fittings 'hanging' out to dry. Photo Colin Hodgin

The new chimney is now on site at Llan and awaits the old copper top to be transferred over. The smokebox door is also on site and the hinges and darts are being fitted. The new blower ring is now all machined and will be fitted onto the underside of the chimney once it sits on top of the smokebox. Last new item we need is the smokebox door ring which is still to be delivered. It will then be fitted and rivetted.

The new chimney
The new chimney, ready for the copper cap. Photo Colin Hodgin.

The new blower ring
The new blower ring. Photo Colin Hodgin.

Members of the team also got stuck into putting 6880 onto it's springs. A job well done, but so heavy! Liz with some help from the lads got her new sales shed levelled and painted. Chocolate and a bit of cream. It looks a treat.

On Friday I went with Colin to a timber merchant in Burscough to collect the timer for the cab floor. It is all cut to size and I can't wait to get on with fitting it on the next working weekend.
Next week Dave Owen and his team hope to get 5199 back on her wheels, then it'll be boiler in, tanks on and a thousand other jobs to do before she's finally back in steam. End of June would be fantastic. The railway needs our loco!

The team this weekend was - Q, Liz, Chris, Lynn, Max, Paul, Dave, John S, Richie P, Dessie, Colin, Bill H, Rich S, & Graham B. If I've forgotten anyone - I'll buy you a beer!

Next working weekend is 28th and 29th June. But if you want to help in the final assembly and are a member of the railway, then please get along during June anytime and spend some happy hours in the workshop.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


Working Weekend 19 - 20th April

This weekend the team set about painting the remaining parts of the brake gear and these are now ready for fitting back on the loco.

Repainted brake gear
Repainted brake gear - Mike Prior.

Mike Pierce has been busy re-metalling the axle boxes and these are also now ready for fitting.

Re-metalled axleboxes - Mick Prior

One job that needed to be finished from the last working weekend was the polishing of the rods. The worst of the rust and pitting was removed a month ago but certain spots on the rods had excessive pitting which needed to be taken off with a grinder.

Repolishing the rods - Mick Prior
Mick Prior hard at work with the grinder doing his thing!

A clean and polished set of rods does look really good. All they'll need now is for the footplate staff to rub them over with light emery and paraffin to keep them looking really good.

Since March's working weekend it was decided that because of corrosion on the base of the chimney, we either needed to make a temporary repair to allow the new blower ring to be fitted, or we needed to buy a new chimney from the SVR who could cast a new one for us. The cost of a new one was not much more than the cost of a temp repair so a new one has been ordered.

If all goes to plan then by the time the May working weekend comes around, she'll be on her wheels or just about to go on her wheels. Then it'll be all hands to the pump to get her back together and into traffic.

Remember you'll always be made welcome if you decide you want to get involved in keeping 5199 running. This year is a bit special as she becomes an octogenarian, having been 'born' at Swindon in 1934! Why not give her a birthday present and buy another share in the Project.
We still need more money to finish the overhaul.

With many parts being replaced on the loco, we do have the old bits available for sale, so if you're interested please
let me know, otherwise they'll go on Ebay. We have blower ring, chimney (minus copper cap), smokebox door ring and a smokebox door. All bits can be described as 'well used'!

This weekends team, was Mick P, Quentin & Liz, Chris & Lynn, John S, Bill H, Robin, Steve R, Graham B.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.

PS, The latest issue of Steam Railway has just dropped through my letter box and the article 'in the works' has a good piece about the 3 prairies at Llangollen and a great picture of 5199 on a freight during the last Steel Steam and Stars. I sat with Toby Jennings in a Peterborough coffee shop back in autumn 2013 and this is the first opportunity that he's had to get the piece into print!


Weekend dates, 2014

These are the working weekend dates for the rest of 2014.

Obviously the plan is for 5199 to be in steam well before the end of the year, in fact we hope it'll be the early summer, and once she's back in steam then we'll pile in and help sister project 6880.

One of the working weekends I expect to use for the members/shareholders day, more news on that as dates etc. are confirmed.

  • April 19/20
  • May 17/18
  • June 28/29
  • July 12/13
  • August 30/31
  • September 27/28
  • October 11/12
  • November 22/23
  • December 13/14  

The dates line up with the 6880 calendar, that way there's plenty of willing hands to help both projects.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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