Weekend dates, 2014

These are the working weekend dates for the rest of 2014.

Obviously the plan is for 5199 to be in steam well before the end of the year, in fact we hope it'll be the early summer, and once she's back in steam then we'll pile in and help sister project 6880.

One of the working weekends I expect to use for the members/shareholders day, more news on that as dates etc. are confirmed.

  • April 19/20
  • May 17/18
  • June 28/29
  • July 12/13
  • August 30/31
  • September 27/28
  • October 11/12
  • November 22/23
  • December 13/14  

The dates line up with the 6880 calendar, that way there's plenty of willing hands to help both projects.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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