November Update

Just a quick update this time.

Jon Kerr and I went down to Cheddleton last Saturday to lend a hand as 5199 is being prepared for her annual boiler inspection, which we are sure she will pass.

CVR Volunteers had already removed the washout plugs, bottom mudhole doors and firegrate the previous day and we assisted Chris Meadowcroft by removing the firebox top mudhole door covers, then went on to remove the spark arrestor prior to cleaning the tubes.

Myself and Jon then left for an hour or two to go to the NSRC AGM at Froghall. After the meeting we returned to Cheddleton to see if anymore could be done. Luke had now shown up to help, and with Chris had moved onto cleaning the rods. We helped finish the driver's side, then Luke and Jon climbed up on top of her and cleaned her copper before coating the cap and bonnet in vaseline to protect them as she is kept outside when not in use.

I have been informed that 5199 will not be used as much now and is only expected to be working 1 Santa weekend and possibly 1 of the after Christmas specials to Cauldon Lowe.

I will try and keep you all updated.

The job of re-metalling the motion will be taking place over the next couple of weeks, we may 
get some photos of this for you, apologies none this time.

Regards Will 8/11/11


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