October News

The overhaul of 5199 continues, with plenty of jobs done and a lot more to be done.

The major work on the boiler is almost completed, including the replacement of the lower outer side sheets and all the corner patches. The Llangollen boilersmiths have done a superb job. The tubes have been delivered to Llangollen and the installation should start in the next few weeks, once the boiler is turned right way up.

Meanwhile the horn guides have been welded up and the process of grinding back to a smooth finish has started - this is a thankless task but the horns needed to be built up. This will stop the side float of the axles which was causing the wear on the rivet heads, which was the main reason for pulling her out of traffic 18 months ago.

Following that job, will be the fitting of the axle boxes and then the re-wheeling. The new projected date for going back into traffic is Easter 2014 and we'll be working hard to achieve the date.

Anyone reading this who would like to become a member shareholder of 5199, all you need to do is
contact us and we'll get back to you.
Shares in 5199 are £150 each, but if you can't afford that then we happily accept donations.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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