July Update

Sorry for the lack of news but have been rather busy with work, so haven't been down to CVR as much as I would have liked.

The last update mentioned the expansion links, well these went off to Tyseley to be refurbished, but a call from Bob told us something we didn’t really want to hear though there is nothing we could do about it.

It would appear one set of the expansion links is of a 2800, and this is like having half the cam shafts on your car a different profile so in effect it will run but not quite right, one engine will always be working differently to the other. All went back together ok though, including the wrong expansion, and she is now running well again. However, we are looking at correcting this fault, more news when we have it.

I spent last Wednesday on her with Frank Dale and Diane Clementson, her steaming qualities are excellent with the new 8mm injector working faultlessly all day. She is sounding a lot better too now the valves have been retimed, and is working as best as she has done she was first restored.

There are a few knocks in the motion and I understand new white-metal is in stock ready to be utilised on her. We just need a replacement locomotive to give 5199 a break, as it’s not the quickest of jobs yet CVR still need her to run services.

Lastly, some of you may of heard through Richard Pumphrey a 5199 members day is planned on the 30th July with onboard catering which should be a good day out for us all, especially as we are now going up Cauldon Low!

In other news Jon Kerr and myself have now passed out as fireman on the CVR. A big thanks to the CVR from us both for trusting us with this position, I hope we live up to it. We have our first turns booked in August on 5199, which makes it a bit more special after all the work we’ve put into her over the last couple of years.

If you can’t make the members day, yet still want to see 5199, she is booked to run every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday in August, with 2 trips up Cauldon on Saturday 6th August. There are also a few dining specials if you’re interested, please see the CVR website for details.

Now don’t laugh, but I did have some good pics but I managed to drop my phone in a tub of engine degreaser and it didn’t seem to work too well afterwards. Ooops ! Hopefully once I have a new phone though pictures can be supplied again, unless someone else wants to come and join in the fun?

See you all on next weekend for those of you coming.




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