Working weekend 25-26th January

Saturday and Sunday 24th/25th January saw a good team of guys and gals working on 5199 and 6880. The main objective was to get the frames of 5199 cleaned up and painted inside and out, with black (outside) and red (inside). The job was completed and work progressed to other areas. The journals on the driving wheel sets were cleaned up and made ready for fitting of the axle-boxes. These are currently being fitted with new crown brasses, then these will need to be machined and then white metalled. The team got all the coupling rods out and these are now sorted out so that the old 5199 rods are now going on the Grange and the ones that were going on the Grange will now go on 5199. This is all to do with the wheel swop. The rods will need to be cleaned up before fitting as they are currently covered in surface rust. Every recent working weekend , it has poured with rain, so it hasn't been possible to stand outside with electric tools to do the cleaning. I have it on good authority that electricity and rain don't make good bedfellows!

The eccentrics were also sorted and we know there's a complete set. These need to be cleaned up and new white metal put in place before they are painted.

View over the frames
A view over the freshly painted frames.

The boiler is now finished and ready for it's hydraulic test. If all goes well then the smokebox can be put back in place.

The one bit of bad news was the discovery that the blower ring is in a bad state of repair and will have to be replaced. As we don't have a Swindon stores available to us, the likely hood is that a brand new one will have to be made.

In the next few months there will be plenty to do, so please come along and help. Please make sure you're a paid up member of the Llangollen Railway Trust, so that you're covered by insurance. You'll meet some great people, all working towards seeing 5199 back in steam.

5199 in the Llangollen shed
5199 in the shed at Llangollen.

Over the weekend the following people helped the cause - Quentin, Liz, Chris, Lynn, Colin, Derek, Mick, Spud, Richard S, Robin and myself. If I've forgotten anyone, I'm sorry.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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