5199 Saves The Day!

On the 18th & 19th of February, Thomas came to play at Churnet. Unfortunately Thomas isn't strong enough to haul the normal passenger services and so 44767 George Stephenson was rostered to operate these, however following a failure he/she was withdrawn from service forcing 5199 to save the day!

5199 stepping in for Thomas
5199 stepping in to help Thomas at Leekbrook Junction.

I was one of the rostered Crossing Keepers at Cheddleton on the Saturday, and so was able to watch as she performed effortlessly throughout the day bringing passengers from Froghall to see Thomas at Cheddleton. Included is a photo of her passing Thomas as she heads to Leekbrook Junction to run-round and return to Cheddleton.

Due to the freezing temperatures it was required to keep the coaches warm overnight, and so I was joined by fellow 5199 and CVR volunteer Will Naylor in the evening to keep 5199 in steam through the night and steam heat the stock ready for Sunday's passengers. After grabbing some food we set down for a peaceful night just kept her ticking over watching that the water didn't get too low, and that there was enough steam to keep the coaches just as it used be done in steam days. With the arrival of Sunday's crew at 6am, and the sunrise beginning to show through the hills, we handed 5199 over and headed home.

Jon Kerr 23/04/12


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