Working Weekend 22-23rd February

The latest working weekend had a good turnout of volunteers and the job list was quite extensive for the two days. By close of play on Sunday afternoon we'd achieved all we set out to do.

The jobs included, de rusting and polishing all the coupling rods, which had got a heavy coating of rust and grime covering them. A flexible abrasive wheel mounted in an angle grinder soon gets all the muck off, without causing any damage to the rods themselves. At a later date a fine disc will be used to put a real shine on the rods. Next job was to get all the brake rods, beams and arms out of store, cleaning them up with the huge rotary wire brush, then painting all the bits with primer. The driving wheels had been knocked and banged and some of the paint applied last year needed attention. Again the big rotary wire brush came into it's own and then the primer applied to protect the wheels.
This weekends band of helpers included - Richie P, Mick, Richard S, Slewie, Dave H, Q, Liz, Chris, Lynn, John S and Bill.

Richard Pumphrey working on the motion
Richard Pumphrey working on the motion.
Painting the wheels 1
Painting the wheels 1
A couple of shots of the wheels getting their repaint.

It's good to be able to report that the boiler was hydrauliced to 300 psi and held. Next job is for the boiler inspector to sign it off, then the smoke box goes on, followed by the superheater header and elements, grate and ash-pan. Then she's ready for the boiler test in steam. Meanwhile the axle boxes have had the new crown brasses fitted and been white metalled and machined. The eccentric sheaves have been fettled the eccentric straps white metalled.

Last working weekend we discovered the blower ring was scrap and feared a huge expense for a new one. Thank goodness, the Severn Valley had a blank in stock, which Q collected. This now awaits machineing at Llan.

The end of the 10 year overhaul is in sight, thanks to the dedicated band of volunteers and the skills of the Llangollen Engineering team.

As with all preserved steam, 5199 never has enough money, so if you'd like to contribute, shares can be bought for £150 each, or you can send a donation. You can download a
shares form here, complete it and send it on to me.
5199 is 80 years old - or is that young - this year! So we're looking forward to having her back in steam in a few months time.

Next working weekend is the 21st and 22nd March.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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