Working weekend 17-18th May

This working weekend was well attended, with a team of 14 and was very warm. The main objective for this weekend was to get all the spring hanger bolts along with their cups and washers and rubber pads all cleaned up and painted into primer. It has to be said they were 'mucky' but the team got stuck into the task and by late Sunday afternoon they were all done and hanging off wires on the footplating on 5199.

Fittings in primer
Spring fittings 'hanging' out to dry. Photo Colin Hodgin

The new chimney is now on site at Llan and awaits the old copper top to be transferred over. The smokebox door is also on site and the hinges and darts are being fitted. The new blower ring is now all machined and will be fitted onto the underside of the chimney once it sits on top of the smokebox. Last new item we need is the smokebox door ring which is still to be delivered. It will then be fitted and rivetted.

The new chimney
The new chimney, ready for the copper cap. Photo Colin Hodgin.

The new blower ring
The new blower ring. Photo Colin Hodgin.

Members of the team also got stuck into putting 6880 onto it's springs. A job well done, but so heavy! Liz with some help from the lads got her new sales shed levelled and painted. Chocolate and a bit of cream. It looks a treat.

On Friday I went with Colin to a timber merchant in Burscough to collect the timer for the cab floor. It is all cut to size and I can't wait to get on with fitting it on the next working weekend.
Next week Dave Owen and his team hope to get 5199 back on her wheels, then it'll be boiler in, tanks on and a thousand other jobs to do before she's finally back in steam. End of June would be fantastic. The railway needs our loco!

The team this weekend was - Q, Liz, Chris, Lynn, Max, Paul, Dave, John S, Richie P, Dessie, Colin, Bill H, Rich S, & Graham B. If I've forgotten anyone - I'll buy you a beer!

Next working weekend is 28th and 29th June. But if you want to help in the final assembly and are a member of the railway, then please get along during June anytime and spend some happy hours in the workshop.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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